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  • Every forest manager knows stocking data and harvest volumes. This means it is theoretically possible for suppliers to share information about the carbon impacts of forestry and forest products. Today that information is not shared or transparent, other than via remote sensing (satellite analysis of landscapes). But if customers - whether architects or mills - wanted carbon disclosure, it could be provided.
  • My own opinion is that climate-smart wood means it is tackling climate mitigation, adaptation or both. A quick mnemonic: Sequestration + Resilience = Climate Smart What does that mean? Well, wood from forestry that stores additional carbon is climate smart. Or wood from a restoration project that is thinning an over-stocked fire-prone forest is climate smart. How much additional carbon is enough? How much more resilient to wildfires should a forest be? These are tough questions to answer objectively. But fundamentally, the Climate-Smart Wood Group was created to help practitioners answer these questions for themselves, and to create a place for people to come together and share information. That's what this forum is all about.

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